Preview Berlin, Art Fair with Maniere Noire Gallery

Manière Noire is one of the rare places, where prints are both: professionally produced and preciously exhibited. With around six exhibitions per year its founder, Majla Zeneli, brings to the German public not only international but also native, fascinating artists, who are avidly dedicated to creating their artwork on paper with the primary focus on the printed matter.
While the artistic vocabularies change with time and environment, the artists of Manière Noire return to very traditional and not complicated techniques of imprints. And this is what makes their works even more precious.
In the follow-up show visitors will discover artworks of eight unique contemporary positions, placed in simultaneous dialogues: sculptural versus linear, pictorial versus graphical, but also surprising installations where the two-dimension-boundary of the physically printed form is crossed.

Exhibited artists:

Milena Aguilar (Spain), Pedro Boese (Germany), Taichi Kodama (Japan), Kazuki Nakahara (Japan), Małgorzata Malwina Niespodziewana (Poland), Tomasz Paczewski (Poland), Christine Ravaux (Belgium), Majla Zeneli (Albania)